Starting E&D/Wellbeing Staff Group at work

Hi All, I would appreciate your advice on how to go about setting up a E&D/Wellbeing staff group at work - do's and don'ts. How to increase its chances to make a rel difference from the start? We are a 7 years' old HE institution with 110 staff (support and academic) based in London. We already have Staff Consultation Committee but we now need more structured approach to E&D/Wellbeing/Inclusion. Thanks in advance! 


  • A starter for 10 x Dos
    - have a high level sponsor
    - look around the organisation to find a team leader - someone ( outside HR) for whom the subject matter is important. - only if no one is an obvious choice , post the opportunity
    - work with the sponsor and team leader to define parameters of the work of the group
    - in conjunction with the sponsor present concept to get buy in from lead team, indicating time commitment involved
    - set limit on numbers of participants in group
    - agree with lead team how to recruit team members - seek volunteers from different departments, levels, backgrounds, etc to ensure optimum diversity in make up of group.
    - give those who volunteered but didnt make it to the group a role - eg focus group for ideas generated by the E&D Wellbeing Staff group
    - ensure that group is facilitated ( possibly by HR) to ensure that the group does not take on more than is achievable in bite sized chunks.
    - launch with a trial period focusing on low hanging fruit, build from there always ensuring effective time management and delivery in accordance with timelines set
    - regularly check in with sponsor on progress
    also are there any other opportunities for improvement in your organisation that are being tackled by quality improvement teams or SWOT teams - if there are a couple of other staff groups or teams being launched at the same time to achieve organisation wide improvements, it is more likely that the idea to set up the E&D Wellbeing team would be viewed in a broader context of the HE establishment looking to involve staff in other aspects of organisation development.
    And a few don'ts
    - don't launch until you have key stakeholder / lead team buy in
    - don't reinvent the wheel - use the team to source info on best practice - other tried and tested ideas in other HE and no HE establishments
    - don't launch if in your judgement the organisation readiness to implement likely recommendations is in question/doubt
    - don't forget that an easy way to get data to analyse is by surveys ( of staff) and this also gives a greater overall level of participation
    - dont forget the impact that this could have on staff consultation committee - find a role for them possibly in considering recommendations. Could the E&D Well being team even be positioned as a sub set of the staff consultation committee ?
    Health warning - my experience is in fmcg, pharma and med devices- none in HE ! I therefore hope that some of the above tips and traps translate across into your sector.
  • Hi I've been working in New Zealand with a tertiary organisation and they are doing some great work - group of champions all received extra training in supporting and promoting wellbeing, training for leaders (compulsory - interesting approach but seems to have mostly landed positively), optional training for the wider employees, online website of resources and HR/People related conversations introduced which align to wellbeing and resilience at work.
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    Hi Kathryn, thank you and is it possible to get more details?
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    Kevin, that's brilliant. Thank you. Really gives me foundations to start.
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    Thank you, Kevin.
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    Hello, I'm more than happy to do so - are you able to give me your PM/email address and I'll send you some information through? I've actually written a "lessons learned" from our experience in Christchurch New Zealand but I don't really push it so happy to share on request!