EIP: What works in D&I, week 4 - Person-Organisation 'fit' vs D&I + recap!


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CIPD Staff

23 May, 2019 10:52

You may have seen my post on what really works in promoting diversity and inclusion earlier in the month. Our Evidence into Practice diversity and inclusion research programme is now underway, so we wanted to share some of the discussion so far. In the first two weeks of the programme, we explored the challenges of attempting to promote D&I, and doing so in different organisational contexts. Over 100 people professionals interested in D&I gave us their views.

Last week, we looked at developing buy-in for D&I among senior leaders. There was a great discussion, with some of our respondents identifying that showing leaders the benefits of D&I, involving them as role models, and illustrating how D&I can be embedded within an organisation’s culture are key methods of establishing commitment among senior and middle management.

This week, we’re looking at recruiting individuals who seem to ‘fit’ with an organisation’s culture and values. Please follow the link to Crowdoscope, below:


And, if you’d like to sign up to the programme and receive a link in your inbox each week to the discussion, do get in touch.

As always, please feel free continue the conversation below- we’d love to know if you feel there’s a tension between recruiting for organisational fit and diversity.



  • Hi Jake
    Sharing from experience, there is some tension post recruitment in some quarters as some members of particular cultural groups tend to conglomerate and have been reported to hold strong cultural discussions. Whilst we do loads to promote respect and other values as part of our organisational DNA, we find this equally unacceptable and unavoidable. So, we tend to avoid “keeping them together” to minimise interactions and departmental impact in terms of leaves during key cultural celebrations for instance.

    While I agree that diversity does enrich the workforce, one must be mindful of these trends which can create disturbances and disruption smooth operations and also hinder a conducive/ collaborative work environment.
    Best regards