Equal Opportunities Monitoring

Hello, I am wondering whether anyone can help with my problem please.

We currently use an applicant tracking system to store applications. Some come in direct to the system, some come via email and some via staff referrals. Irrespective, they all end up in the ATS with every applicant acknowledged and either taken forward or rejected. At the moment we don't send out an equal opportunities monitoring form. If we did, it would come back into the applicant record, therefore not making it anonymous and one could argue, making it easier to subconsciously discriminate. On the other hand it would be good to monitor as we are genuinely interested in the data. I work in the tech sector and increasing our diversity in the business is one of our top objectives.

Does anyone else have any experience of this and any ideas how we could tackle this?

Thank you!

  • Hi Vikki

    If I understand your concerns correctly, it seems that an equal opps monitoring questionnaire / form would help. You should separate the form from other parts of the application paperwork and make it clear on the form that responses will be anonymised and used purely for equal opps monitoring and not for any part of the selection process.

    Nothing wrong IMHO with storing such data on your database but it would be very wrong indeed to release individual EO monitoring records to interviewers / any others who don’t need to see it for aggregate monitoring purposes. Otherwise I wouldn’t worry too much about the unconscious bias aspects.

    You can’t begin to monitor such things effectively unless you collect accurate data but don’t risk putting people off with very longwinded or intrusive questionnaires - it’s always a balance. Start with the usual basic stuff and get experience with analysing all that, then aim to constantly develop and improve things thereafter.