Inclusive recruitment decision making

We're moving to a new online recruitment system and would like to use it as an opportunity to review our recruitment processes. Diversity and inclusion is particularly important and I've been looking for examples of what other organisations do around shortlisting and making a decision to help remove individual biases. At the same time we would like the process to be as streamlined as possible, because the way we do best practice at the moment can make it very time consuming.

Our current process would be something like:

1. 2 or 3 panel members including the line manager review and score anonymous applications online against each person spec point

2. Panel members have a discussion and agree which candidates they would like to shortlist

3. The same 2 or 3 panel members conduct the interviews using pre-agreed questions

4. Responses to each question for every candidate are scored separately by each panel member

5. The panel have a discussion about their scoring and who should be appointed

I'd appreciate any thoughts about whether the above seems reasonable or unnecessarily long, particularly points 1 and 4 where different panel members are scoring individually. And if anyone has been using a different approach they could recommend or even an ATS that supports inclusive recruitment.

Many thanks

  • Hi Danielle

    We are reviewing our recruitment processes so I hope there are people reading this who will take the time to share their experience. I have tried searching "recruitment diversity" and "name-blind recruitment" and found a few interesting threads.
  • We are going thorough this too, and opted for an assessment day where 5 or so interviewers rotate three activities in the day for about 10-20 applicants. It was a huge success, but I feel only worked well as the industry has a high turnover rate, and vacancies are entry level positions. Prior to this we had the department manager interviewing 1-1 and there was no consistency with the selection across departments, questions were not the best and there was no way of removing manager bias.
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    The assessment centre approach sounds ideal for that type of recruitment. We tend to only use it for a couple of our recruitment campaigns where we're hiring a number of people for the same team. Otherwise we have around 300 roles over lots of types of recruitment, so it would be logistically difficult. I think our panel approach works for reducing manager bias but we need to find a way to reduce the amount of time they spend on shortlisting in particular
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    Thank you - will take a look. Good luck with your project