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Toilets keep breaking

Hi all,

We have a multi cultural workforce and within the last 4 months the ladies toilets has been broken twice. We have highlighted the health and safety issues regarding not using the toilet appropriately but unfortunately it has been broken again.

Has anyone come across this before, and if so how did you handle the situation?

Kind Regards


  • Steve Bridger

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    22 Oct, 2019 11:57

    Hi Holly... and welcome to the Community.

    I see you included a reference to your "multi cultural" workforce in your post. Do you feel this has some relevance?
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    22 Oct, 2019 12:00

    ...and a recent thread, which may be apposite...
  • Do you mean blockages or broken seats because people are standing on them?
    At airports I have seen diagrams in the cubicles which may help:
  • Hi Holly

    I (think I) know exactly what you mean and agree with the sign idea from Isabel as a first step.

    You could also purchase some toilet footrests and have them in every other toilet/one toilet

    Failing that restrict the number of toilets in service to the bare minimum required for the number in the workforce so it at least cuts down on repair costs for the time being whilst hopefully the message gets across.

    Good luck! Its a hard one to address for sure (if I'm on the right track that is!)

  • Hi Holly,

    I have come across this issue also within my career. Some cultures are not used to the pedestal type toilet which we are used to and it is custom for them to stand on the seat because of this, to them this is as normal as it is for us to sit on the seat. However, it did cause breakages and there is a health and safety concern that they may fall off and injure themselves. We overcame this by installing 'Squatty Potty' which is a food stand that fits around the loo so you don't have to stand on the seat.

    Personally, i think that the sign suggested is patronising and doesn't take into consideration that our 'normal' way of using the loo isn't the 'normal' way for other cultures.

    Hope that helps

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    5 Nov, 2019 19:42

    In reply to Sandra:

    Fair point, Sandra. Thanks for sharing your experience.