Info and guidance following the death of George Floyd

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Following the horrific death of George Floyd and the subsequent protests, I wondered if anyone had shared any guidance or information about racism with their employees?

It seems a very relevant time to send something out, but I'm not entirely sure what would be best to send.

If anyone has any suggestions I would be really grateful. We have employees in Australia and the USA too, so not something that is massively focussed on discrimination law in the UK.

Thank you

  • Hi all. Just to let you know we will be starting up a dedicated thread on what Members might want to see the CIPD provide in response to the current events which have further focused attention on ongoing issues. Hopefully you'll find the conversations (and resources) that develop there useful.
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    Not sure if I agree with this approach. There will be many staff who will be traumatised by recent events and still attending work. Whilst there maybe a concern for possible external right wing views and opposes, there is a duty of care to support staff who work for us, certainly under the Health and Safety Act, and to also provide support to those managers looking to do the right thing in supporting their staff. Absolutely that a corporate response is required. Silence could viewed as being complicit. If an organisation has values that cover Human Rights, then a corporate comms should and must go out to all staff and make aware users of the service as appropriate...
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    Since the righting of your post, there has been many corporate messages that have gone out to staff which may be of help in shaping an appropriate response for your Org There are many staff well intentioned who would like to support (Allys) but are unclear, and so a second suggestion could be around being an ally and how that could support not only individuals or groups, but help maintain a positive culture, and if you have them reflect your Orgs. values. Third suggestion, many Orgs, have staff support networks in which their terms of reference maybe, to support and address inequalities for the organisation and workforce. This is a systemic issue which cannot be addressed by HR only. Regular Comms updates on what your Orgs is doing to progress the matter is key as is currently, there are many Orgs who have put out a statement with no supporting action, and in danger of a well meaning comms becoming a simple platitude. Hope that's helpful.
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    My concern is not with doing something but with being authentic and fitting into a bigger strategy. Many organisations feel releasing statements around such incidents is sufficient in discharging their responsibilities - its almost as if releasing a statement, change the colour of your corporate logo for a few days and that's the job done. Employees can very easily sense in-authenticity from organisations as many have found out in last few days...you end up doing more harm than good
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    Demonstrating leadership and being authentic is the main thing. No one can get this stuff right I would suggest, and therefore waiting for the right words by its very nature could appear well rehearsed and maybe to the workforce, appear inauthentic. I have seen witnessed many CEO's including my own with no lived experience of the current Race issue, but have reached out and as part of their live national comms have professed that they posses all the answers, and seek ally ship support from those in our workforce. My thoughts are that being in a management /leadership position doesn't necessarily mean that we have all the answers. I feel and believe that this is not a time to wait for the right words. As a Black women expert by lived experience and working in this field of HR ED&I for over 25 years, being employed in a large diverse national organisation, I can safely say that this approach has been welcomed by the large majority of Black Asian and minority colleagues. Hope this is helpful to being those first step difficult conversations that we all need to have in our workplaces.
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    Who said anything about the right words. I said being authentic and it being more than a single message.
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  • I found this video on youtube as a useful thought provoking resource on some of the issues