Racism by Training Provider

An employee recently experienced racist remarks and discrimination by an exam proctor during her online exam for a professional qualification we have arranged. We have requested that the training provider, the proctor provider and the exam accreditation provider all apologise (2 out of 3 have) and evidence that they will change their policies, internal training etc to eradicate this type of behaviour.

We are outraged and want to ensure this never happens to anyone ever again - does anyone have any experience in this area, or any suggestions as to whether we need to ask for any other evidence of how they will take action?



  • Hi Joanne
    The employee involved might be advised and assisted to make a formal complaint to the exam organization in their personal capacity too.
    Even though it's a supplier and not yourselves, as an employer you have of course a duty of care to protect your employees from unlawful discrimination such as this, but seems you are amply doing so!
  • Hi Jo,

    It depends on the nature of the racist remarks and discrimination. What led to the incident? Was this a one-off occurrence or is it institutionalised? What was the impact on the employee, emotional or otherwise - what action do they want to happen?

    Apologies are a starting point, but how about a constructive dialogue with each of the stakeholders involved to establish what is being done to eradicate the problem? Does anyone need to be formally disciplined, for example?