Anti-racism 'training'

I'm exploring how we can use learning and development to help embed our anti-racism strategy.  It's difficult to come up with an organisation-wide training session for something so complex and I am sensitive to the need to NOT treat this like it's something that can be 'solved' in a 2 hour training course, and not to fold it into a generic 'D&I' project.

Does anyone have any experience of putting together a long term learning programme or of any particular providers who take a behavioural change approach?  And has anyone tackled this from a point of 'perspective sharing', where people are effectively asked to put themselves in the shoes of a person in a particular situation so they get a sense of how it feels?

Any constructive advice would be much appreciated - thanks.


  • Hi Claire,
    I design and deliver diversity and inclusion training for organisations. Interestingly, the landscape has changed now that everything at present is going online and in the current climate, post George Floyd. For example, whereas I used to provide a 1-day training programme, this is no longer appropriate.

    Excitingly, it means that the training can now be much more targeted to deal with specific organisational issues and disciplines. Focused 90 minute to 2-hour online sessions are much more appropriate and can cover D&I disciplines such as recruitment and selection, legislation, self-awareness, neuroscience, unconscious bias - including the root of racism, inclusion and exclusion, management issues, the business case, and so on. 'Perspective sharing' could be achieved through a series of facilitated case studies, or maybe by using some actors, should lockdown be relaxed. Coaching is also a powerful tool to help promote an anti-racist organisation.

    Happy to chat further if that would be helpful.
  • Hi Claire, welcome to the communities. Interesting point, would this also apply to the 'unconscious bias' angle? The actual name for the initiative you refer to may not have been decided, personally I would be uncomfortable in engaging with an anti-racism strategy although I DO get the point and acknowledge the reference to an approach in behavioural change. One immediate thought is to look through past entries for the People Management and Personnel Today awards, there may be some case studies around actual initiatives undertaken by other organisations.
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    4 Aug, 2020 09:17

    Hi Claire, we have some great info on our CIPD anti-racism hub to supplement any training you choose to do, please take a look here: www.cipd.co.uk/.../tackling-racism-workplace