Diversity & Inclusion Forums

Is anyone able to recommend a Diversity & Inclusion forum?

  • Hi Christine,
    Not so much a forum, but Engage for Success focuses on Employee Engagement and D&I is a part of that. https://engageforsuccess.org/
  • Canada tends to be very much ahead in Diversity and Inclusion. We recently developed a set of Inclusive Workplace Competencies for TRIEC (Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council) www.triec.ca/competencies which are freely available and you may find helpful. There is also an on-line 'community of practice'.

    These are aimed at all dimensions of diversity in both the workplace and the community, and are intended to support the following groups:

    1. those working with/amongst diverse colleagues and customers.

    2. those responsible for managing a diverse team.

    3. those who are HR or Diversity & Inclusion specialists.

    4. those who are Diversity & Inclusion champions (often without any formal authority)

    I do hope that you find this helpful. Feel free to contact me on NigelL@CamProf.com