Inclusion in Family Friendly Policies

Hi everyone

I am new to blogging and to the CIPD community albeit I have been a member for years.

I am currently reviewing our Family Friendly policies following COVID and looking at how they can be much more inclusive and wondered if you would mind sharing some of the policies that you have in particular maternity/paternity/carer leave.

I see from recent press releases that Sir Robert McAlpine are now offering 26 weeks paid to male & female employees for maternity/paternity/adoption or surrogacy but I wondered if this is in fact full pay or statutory maternity pay.

I also see that Wates are now offering full pay for 26 weeks maternity and 8 week full pay for paternity, along with 2 weeks full pay bereavement leave.

We currently offer 13 weeks full pay and 13 weeks at 50% for maternity and 2 weeks full pay paternity.

I would be interested in any feedback that you can give me.


  • Hello Sarah,

    I work for Wates and we pressed ahead in releasing the polices despite the pandemic effective from the beginning of May.

    In addition to the polices you mentioned, we also introduced a Carers policy as we were seeing an increase in employees with caring responsibilities, along with a clear Sabbatical Leave policy for all employees.

    Broadly these have been well received with managers positively committing to making them work.

    Happy to chat through in more detail if you want to contact me directly :)

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    Hi Nicola, thanks for your response. It would be great to catch up with you, can you send me your details please?
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    Hi Sarah - family in a different context - not a distant relative by any chance? ( Boyd family originally from Old Monkland, Lanarkshire where one Thomas Boyd pitched up from Lord knows where (N. Ireland maybe - there was a lot of economic migration into the coal and iron belt) in the 1790s and married one Janet Wotherspoon of that parish.
    Here endeth the Family History Lesson!
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    Hi David, I am from Harthill originally so not too far from Old Monkland. I think my family came from Ireland way back, my father is Robert Boyd.
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    Hi Sarah

    Thanks - you never know, then! - may be very distantly related......
  • Hi Sarah, we offer 6 weeks 90% pay, 20 weeks 80% pay, and 13 weeks statutory. This is available to both male and female employees as part of our maternity, shared parental and adoption leave policies. However all male employees so far have opted to take the paternity leave, which is 2 weeks fully paid, rather than shared parental leave.