Diversity and Inclusion /LGBT

Hi Everyone,

Can anyone recommend any quality online training providers in the areas of Diversity and Inclusion and LGBT?  I am looking to roll out online training to over 200 staff at all levels of the organisation - any recommendations would be really helpful.  



  • Have you looked at Stonewall? I haven’t done their training to review it but I did look in to similar and they had an online learning programme.

    I used some of the IAT by Harvard online too.
  • there are free online training courses available through ACAS and also the open university. it depends on how in depth to the topic you want to cover as you might be better going to a specific training provider for more detailed information. The ones on ACAS are 10-20 minutes in duration, with scenarios on different topics, questions on each section and then a printable certificate at the end once the pass rate is reached. We're looking at rolling these out to our management/team leaders but we wouldn't have a way of tracking that these had been done - only by requesting the certificates once completed. And it would be up to us to set a deadline for them to complete it by and then chase up afterwards. The link for ACAS is elearning.acas.org.uk/.../index.php