LGBTQ+ Awareness - How to approach?

I have been approached by an individual in one of our locations that they have been feeling uncomfortable with terms such as "he" "his" etc when in conversation with other members of staff. The individual is in the very early stages of wanting to and feeling much more comfortable when referenced as having no determined gender.

This topic is very new to me and you can see from the above I have tried to get into the practice of not using the terms our member of staff feels uncomfortable with. (in italics)

I would like to raise awareness in that location in the first instance (around 40 people) and then perhaps in other locations in time. One thing I would like to avoid is for this to become a box ticking exercise where staff do not take the content seriously / on board. Equally I do not want the individual to feel this is directed at them and a box ticking exercise to say we have made people aware and that is the end of it.

I see the approach as it stands as issuing all managers with a course to raise awareness in a detailed way and ask them to take responsibility to ensure best practice in this matter is maintained in their teams, I have found the below:


Then I intended to send out a communication around awareness in the matter to ensure everyone has been made aware of the to do's / not to do's in terms of equality and in particular gender reassignment.

Does anybody have any other suggestions in terms of approach OR material / guidance that I can use for the general site communication to be sent once the manager / supervisor communication has been completed?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts / advice / guidance on this

  • Hi
    I'm not clear whether you are looking to support this one (presumably non-binary? Although your post isn't very clear) individual, or generally improve LGBT+ awareness. If it's the former, perhaps start by asking the individual what they want their colleagues to know and who they want to tell them.
    LGBT+ awareness training is useful, generally. But specific issues need specific solutions