The impact of the lack of diversity and inclusion on the work of HR practitioners

Good afternoon, I am a student member and I am new here. I am happy to be here. I will like some help on the topic of diversity and inclusion I am reading about currently The major impact this has caused on HR practitioners.
  • Hi, welcome to the community.
    Am sure you will get some responses to your question but would suggest you begin by st letting us know what you think the possible impacts may / may not be.
  • Hi Susan thank you for your response. I am thinking the possible impact can be it has allowed HR practitioners to think more about introducing things like blind recruiting and the likes into their recruiting process.
  • Hello. It would be good to understand exactly what you mean by your question. Do you mean how the renewed focus on D&I in the HR field has affected HR practitioners? Or how lack of D&I within HR affects HR practitioners?
  • Hi
    I'm not 100% sure what you are asking, but I'll try to answer - I'm an HR professional currently working in a specialist EDI role. The renewed focus on EDI recently brings great challenges and great opportunities for the HR profession. It gives us an opportunity to focus on truly transformative pieces of work, which could have a huge impact on our organisations' culture, but it also challenges us to critically examine our own practice.
    Hope this helps!