Disability inclusion and empowerment training

Hello and wishing everyone a happy festive season!

Can colleagues recommend any training courses they have attended or any consultancy firms they worked with to develop training around disability, disability stigma, equipping disabled staff with the confidence to apply for promotions, equipping managers to support disabled colleagues, evaluation of existing systems on disability inclusion, etc?

I realize this can be seen as 'advertising' but I have checked the Community Guidelines which state:

'Do make recommendations
From time to time it may be appropriate to share the details of the services provided by companies you trust, provided this is in the context of a direct question. This does not extend to recommending your own services and passing yourself off as an individual.'


Many thanks!

Erk (pronounced Eric, pronouns he/him/his)

  • Hi Erk

    Congratulations on your first post.

    People do indeed ask for recommendations for all sorts of products and services on here and we are often very honest about who to avoid as well as who does a good job. 

    It’s a shame you haven’t had any recommendations yet but I have noticed that posts have slowed right down this week. Maybe you will get some suggestions in January.

  • In reply to Elizabeth Divver:

    Thanks Elizabeth, look forward to using the forums more to connect with everyone. Wishing you a lovely new year! Erk
  • I attended several session they did earlier this year on all aspects of EDI, highly recommended
  • Hi
    It's a really interesting area for me. I'm a senior leader and just happened to become disabled. Personally I think it's a two-sided thing. One is the company culture etc and focussing on ability and talent through honest conversations. For me it was overcoming how I perceived myself and communicating how I overcome challenges and support I need to do the job.
    I've since acted as a mentor to other disabled individuals where they have real potential but haven't yet moved up the career ladder and that's been enlightening.
  • Hi Erk
    My organisation have been working with Disability Rights UK recently and I'd would thoroughly recommend checking out their website and having a chat with them