Phased return after maternity leave

Hi We are looking at updating our maternity policy snd practices and would like to offer a phased RTW after being off on maternity leave. I’m interested to know what other company do to assist employees and how this works in practice. Also how you manage this for those that may already have flexible working arrangements in place. Thanks you
  • Hi Louise,

    I've seen this in a couple of maternity policies. To allow for the business to have some input into how the phased return is worked, particularly if there are a number of other part time staff or employees working flexibly, you could consider this in your section around annual leave. Such as 'we actively encourage employees returning from maternity leave to use their holiday entitlement to work flexibly on a phased return'

    This would give some scope for managers to reject a leave request the phased days requested are too problematic.
  • Thank you this is helpful and would get around the problem of being fair to those already working PT.