Diversity Accreditations

Hi All,

Please can anyone share any approaches / recommendations taken regarding Diversity Accreditation as this is something that we are looking to do in our workplace. 

I have sent a request to one organisation so far, but would appreciate any examples of this please.

Many thanks


  • Is this badge collecting or is this about affecting positive and lasting change in your organisation? Far too many organisations see accreditations as badge collecting for their letter heads and achieving the award as an end in itself. Rather than starting with your strategy and doing the right thing and then seeing what awards fall into that.

    What area of diversity are you really focusing on? Whats your aim here?

    There are lots of and lots out there (few IMO make as much impact on recruiting / retaining / social value as people think they do)

    But say look at (among many others)

    Disability Confident or Two Ticks

    The Stonewall programs

    White Ribbon

    The Good Work Standard in London

    Leaders in Diversity
  • In reply to Keith:

    Thanks for your reply. I will take a look at some of the information you have provided. We are looking at this in conjunction with our overall strategy.