Visibility of diversity

Hi all

We've done a lot of work around diversity and inclusivity in my company, however someone recently commented that we're not.  This was based primarily on what somebody sees visibly but this is not a true representation of our diversity. For example we have a high percentage of people with disabilities (most hidden). How do people generally convey these type of messages when it might lead to our staff being 'exposed', again (ie with a disability) if they are reluctant to?

  • It may not be a complete representation of your diversity but I wouldn't say it's not a true one.

    I would take this as a constructive helpful comment and reflect as an organisation as to if your approach to diversity encompasses all elements or just some. If it does then you have a positive message to tell.
  • Hi Joanne,

    Oh, that's so frustrating to feel like you're doing a lot of good work and for it not to be recognised. Could you possibly send round some communication on what you have been doing (without finger pointing personally identifiable outcomes)? I.e. 'this is where we were, we've run an audit, we've looked at recruiting processes, we've put together employee resource groups, we've trained managers on diversity and inclusion etc'. A humble admission that it's not perfect yet but you are trying and if anyone has additional thoughts/suggestions, you're very open to hearing them?

    I work in tech and for a lot of people 'diversity' is 'women in tech' - perhaps some education around it being so much more might be helpful? I saw a great infographic the other day highlighting just how wide reaching it is (via. Female Tech Leaders Community on LinkedIn if you want to scroll back - apologies - I can't see how to link it!).
  • In reply to Keith:

    I think it is constructive, we know we are truly diverse (across all protected characteristics plus others) it has highlighted how quiet we are about it, I just need to work on our messaging.
  • In reply to Alys Martin:

    Thanks, it's our messaging we need to focus on.