Anonymous job applications

Hello all,

I work for a small charity,  I have been working on our recruitment process and how to anonymise applicants when applying.  After a lot of back and forth with our website company - this is something we cannot do through our site.  

Was wondering how others have tried to remove unconcise biasedness in their recruitment process? 

Is there affordable HR software that you would recommend? 

Thanks, Scott 

  • Hi Scott

    Seeking to remove all possible sources of unconscious bias may simply not be feasible or appropriate for a small organisation with limited admin resources.

    Maybe you need to be very sure that before embarking on this you’ve done everything possible to make everything short of this ‘counsel of perfection’ for building EO into recruitment and selective as effective as you can - which often needn’t be anything like so administratively costly.

    That said, such as ensuring that interviewers etc don’t get to see individual disability questionnaires etc by making them detachable from all the rest of candidate data can be well worth doing