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I've recently started working for a fashion retailer, within my role I am expected to support with D&I initiatives (not had a lot of experience in this area) - we have recently launched a D&I committee who we are working with to roll out any new initiatives.

Is anyone able to share D&I initiatives that you have rolled out in your Company? I

This is the agenda that has been put together so far (before I joined):

  • Collate data to report on D&I in the workplace
  • Update D&I policy


  • Hello Cally,

    Congratulations on your new role!
    When it comes to D&I intitiatives thery can be really varied, but some things I would suggest looking at are
    - reviewing the recruitment processes (making sure it's as inclusive and diverse as possible)
    - reviewing policies that are already in place (absence, parentla/adoption)
    - asking for feedback to see what would the employees like to see done (some initiatives might seem great, but if employees are not interesed, it might not work as well as hoped for)
    - D&I Awarerness Training
    - Organising events around diversity days (inclusive employers and CIPD had good calendars on that)

    Just a few thoughts
  • In reply to Katarzyna :

    Hi Cally

    Great that you can champion equality of opportunity in your entire organisation!

    Re an overall EO Policy for your organisation, maybe trawl through the myriads of examples that a google search will bring up and shortlist from these some examples you might adapt to fit your own organisation.

    The UK Equality and Human Rights Commission also has an extensive website with considerable employer resources available.

    Maybe your committee might look at where the organisation is now regarding EO and where it wants to be and then draw up a detailed Action Plan setting out how it’s going to get there; how and by whom it’s going to do so and by when and how it’s going to measure and evaluate progress and success in getting there throughout.

    Re evaluation, you’ll usually need to gather and analyse data in order to do this properly, so maybe look at how the organisation measures up presently eg does the diversity of your workforce reflect national and local statistics? / do your recruitment and selection activities reflect diversity or show a preponderance of white able bodied males or whatever? What might your organisation do to gather and use all this data more effectively? Etc etc. Maybe get in touch with your local Jobcentre and ask if you might engage with all their d and I etc resources and initiatives too.

    Kasia already absolutely rightly mentioned staff awareness and training - again, you might want to measure how this stands now and where you want to get to etc etc and plan how you’re going to keep all staff aware and informed about what’s going on in this area and why etc.

    Just a few more random suggestions and all the best with it all!
  • In reply to David:

    PS Cally
    All Govt - funded work based learning providers get very rigorously independently inspected by OFSTED on their equality and diversity arrangements and therefore have to know their stuff, so if you make appropriate allowances for this being directed at work based learning providers in Wales, this might nonetheless be a useful template for almost any UK employer to be guided by

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