Attract and Retain Workers in Manufacturing

Has anyone got any good tips on attracting and retaining workers in the manufacturing environment, especially those who work on the factory floor? Thank you.
  • Hi Nena,
    I used to work in HR in manufacturing and understand where you question has come from. We used to have issues with recruiting and retaining people. I once attended a recruitment conference at the local college, and all of the students went to the other organisations, but didn't come to our stand. So a decision was made to be more proactive than they previously had.

    It was then all about building up a reputation in the local area and getting the organisation out there in the local press. The place where I worked used to attend local events, such as fundraising and charity events, the local town Christmas lights switch on and also had a local allotment. They basically reached out to the local community at every opportunity so they could build their reputation. They also used to promote the awards that they had won, with the aim of becoming an employer of choice.

    Do you have employment referral schemes to reward your current employees for recommending someone? This would help you current employees to feel that they have a say in the organisation.

    Also, do you offer qualifications and courses? You could link to the local college and see if they will attend site to do some courses, that would help to build the reputation with the local colleges. They might also then be willing to put leaflets in their career's offices for students.

    Could you do a piece in the local press, on the jobs night? You could detail all the benefits of working there etc. I personally hear a lot of local organisations advertising on the local radio too - not sure of the price or success of this as it's not something I tried, but it might be worth looking into.
  • Thank you, Stephanie! There are lots of good practice! Just before I read your post, I was jsur doing something on staff referral scheme.