Reasonable adjustments

Hi, can you help me what the following would mean in terms of dealing with a member of staff with a disability: ‘if dealing with an individual who has a disability, ensure that is compliant with the Equality Act and the duty to make reasonable adjustments.’ Is it detailed anywhere what is meant by ‘reasonable adjustment’? Thank you! Andrea
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    What is reasonable depends on the size of the organisation and the resources available to it. For example I work in a small heritage organisation, with approx 100 staff, all based in listed buildings. What would be reasonable for us in terms of adjustments is very different to what would be reasonable for someone like Google.

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    Hi Andrea

    As Jackie observes, everything depends on the particular facts of the case including the resources etc of the employer - eg it might be reasonable to expect eg British Telecom to be expected to provide adaptations costing thousands of pounds for a disabled employee of theirs but not Fred in a Shed who’s on a knife edge / wing and a prayer financially and has few assets etc

    EHRC have very good online guidance eg


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    An employer who at least finds out and considers what adjustments are required and then goes on to consider if it’s feasible for them to provide them and if not exactly why not will have done most of what’s expected of them by the law.

    Only a Tribunal can ultimately decide on the specific facts what was reasonable or not reasonable but just about all the ‘unreasonable’ judgments have been about blatant failures on the part of employers to do the above.
  • I'd start with the EHRC info (www.equalityhumanrights.com/.../employing-people-workplace-adjustments) and also have a look at the CIPD pages on reasonable adjustments.
  • It is either an academic question or we need some context.