Ethnic Data gathering

I am wondering if any of the community have asked employees to disclose their ethnicity in readiness for pay reporting legislation and for more positive proactive action planning. If yes, what % of employees disclosed their ethnicity? Thanks.
  • Hi Mark

    Can’t answer your query specifically, but just to observe that I’d think that ethnicity data needn’t and shouldn’t be gathered on this ethnicity - focused, reactive, ad-hoc basis but as part of routine overall equal opportunities data gathering and monitoring that incorporates all the other usual parameters and which really should be in place already.

    Counsel of perfection I know and sorry if stating the obvious!
  • Thanks David. Of course all of the normal etiquette will be considered. What response rates do you get in your organisation? Thanks.
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    Hi Mark
    My particular locations have / have had extremely tiny ethnic minority populations, so employee numbers about this particular aspect are usually totally self-evident and not statistically significant, so can't help much I'm afraid. But a questionnaire asking solely what's your ethnic origin? probably would result in a very paltry response whereas combining it with a lot of other equal opportunities data collection aspects would probably elicit a better one.
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    I'm still puzzled by 'ethnic' identity.

    Some years ago we employed a 'lad', (via a government scheme). He was born in the town and brought up the in town. His mum and dad were Scottish and had been born in Scotland but the father's father was Indian.

    When it came to the government department wanting ethnicity details, the lad put down White British But, the government bean counters insisted he was racially of 'Indian' ethnicity, even though 75% of him was of course white British. The lad was quite upset that he was not allowed to pick or choose.