• Legitimate interest assessment for D&I data collection


    We are trying to strengthen our D&I strategy and as part of that, we want to build D&I dashboard that will help us track related metrics. 

    We have identified D&I related information that we would like employees to share. Our lawyers have advised…

  • Recruiting and retaining diverse, young talent: a policy report by UpRising Leadership

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a programme manager at UpRising Leadership, a pioneering national charity championing the critical issues surrounding diversity, social mobility and equality. Over the past four years we have been delivering our employability programme…

  • Occupational Psychology Dissertation Research

    Dear CIPD Members,

    My name is Kemi Cohen, I am a master's student  studying Occupational Psychology at Goldmsmith's University.
    I am currently conducting research looking at the perceptions of HR Professional's in hiring neurodiverse individuals…

  • Best Practise when monitoring diversity?

    Hi folks,
    The company I work for are looking to undergo a diversity monitoring exercise for a workforce of around 1000 - 2000 employees.
    We'd like some insight into how other companies conduct these types of exercises.
    Firstly, we have some questions around…