• Diversity and Inclusion Calendar

    Hi all, 

    I am trying to push Diversity and Inclusion and was wondering if anyone had a template Diversity and Inclusion calendar I could look at to push this agenda?

    Looking at different important dates, holidays and even historical events to look at…

  • Wellcome Trust requests for proposals: applying diversity and inclusion principles to our policy and advocacy work

    Hi all,

    Calling all learning and development / diversity, equity & inclusion experts...

    I am Will O'Leary from the policy and advocacy team at the Wellcome Trust and wanted to draw your attention to an opportunity to support our work to make sure…

  • Networking


    I hope everyone is well!

    I'm currently working as a FTC Senior HR Advisor for a well known British Retailer. 

    Within my job responsibilities I am currently support with their D&I strategy - however I currently don't have expertise in this field…

  • EDI Policy & Non-harassment

    Hi All,

    My firm currently has an 'Equal Opportunities and Diversity' policy and a separate 'Non-harassment and Bullying' policy.

    From looking at ACAS templates etc., it would appear that a typical 'Equality Diversity and Inclusion' policy…

  • DEI Consultant Recommendations (Ideally London Based)

    Hi All,

    A friend of mine has asked me if I had any recommendations for DEI Consultants to come to their company to run an independent investigation into a specific situation, as well as completing an audit across all internal processes, hiring, culture…

  • D&I Initiatives

    I've recently started working for a fashion retailer, within my role I am expected to support with D&I initiatives (not had a lot of experience in this area) - we have recently launched a D&I committee who we are working with to roll out any new initiatives…

  • Anonymous job applications

    Hello all,

    I work for a small charity,  I have been working on our recruitment process and how to anonymise applicants when applying.  After a lot of back and forth with our website company - this is something we cannot do through our site.  

    Was wondering…

  • Legitimate interest assessment for D&I data collection


    We are trying to strengthen our D&I strategy and as part of that, we want to build D&I dashboard that will help us track related metrics. 

    We have identified D&I related information that we would like employees to share. Our lawyers have advised…

  • Your Thoughts on D&I Challenges


    I wanted to set a conversation starter to have a chat about your thoughts on the key challenges that you are facing in terms of D&I at the moment? Just curious to hear what challenges are being faced with this topic in the current climate. 

  • D&I - Why is it important to your company quotes?

    Hi Everyone,

    I work for a technology recruitment company (Apply Recruitment in Manchester) and annually we put together an annual salary guide with recruitment updates for our clients.  I act as our D&I champion and this year part of the guide will have…

  • Diversity and Inclusion /LGBT

    Hi Everyone,

    Can anyone recommend any quality online training providers in the areas of Diversity and Inclusion and LGBT?  I am looking to roll out online training to over 200 staff at all levels of the organisation - any recommendations would be really…

  • Disability cases and Employment Tribunals

    I was wondering how many members (especially those working in the public sector) feel that the current trend of using employment tribunals to resolve disability cases is unnecessarily adversarial. I feel that it should be demonstrated other more conciliatory…

  • D&I Benchmarking survey

    Hi all

    I've taken on a D&I role at my Company and I'd like to start with a D&I survey to all employees. I think it would be a good idea to assess where we are starting before taking any action.

    Could anyone recommend a good D&I survey provider…

  • Advice about Unconscious Bias - Resources for an E D & I Board toolkit / information pack

    Hello CIPD Community.  I'm preparing an E D & I toolkit / information pack for the Board of a small charity.  Advice and / or signposts towards resources for the section on Unconscious Bias would be very welcome.  Many thanks in advance.  Wishing you…