• Diversity and inclusion competencies

    We have recently developed a set of inclusive workplace competencies for the Toronto Region Immigration Employment Council (TRIEC) in Canada. These are aimed at 4 groups of people and intended to include all dimensions of diversity (ethnic, gender, sexual…

  • Catering For Religious Needs

    I need some advice please!

    I was working with a group of clients today a couple of whom asked in advance for a Kosher prepared lunch.

    We asked our local sandwich shop to do this but my two clients felt unable to eat the food as we couldn't evidence the process…

  • Re: Diversity - Special Diets

    Yes you have an obligation - but I would also be enquiring as to why it is £450 for 3 days - if that is for one individual it seems very expensive - £150/ day guessing they are eating gold!!

    If an individual had another dietary requirement - e.g. gluten…

  • Written proof of racism

    It has recently been brought to my attention that a member of my staff has very strong right wing views and that put in simple terms he is a racist.

     I have recieved several complaints from other staff memebers that he has offended with his views.

    I have…

  • Biometric fingerprint entry & religious belief


    Does anyone have any experience they could share about the introduction  biometric fingerprint entry systems and employees refusing to do this on religious grounds?

    I have read the ACAS guidelines on religion or belief and the workplace, along with…

  • Equality and Diversity Training

    Good Morning,

    I am looking for a DVD training resource to show to all staff  initally as part of their induction and then annually to highlight the importance of Equality and Diversity in the workplace.

    The only DVD I can find covers Sexual Orientation o…

  • Diversity - Special Diets

    I wondered what everyone's views are about the question I have been asked?

    'Does the company have an obligation to provide special diets (in this instance  kosher ) at a company event (conference). It is an expensive option, the cost of providing Kosher…