• Diversity and Inclusion Standard Advice Needed!


    I work for a company of circa 2,000 employees, we are looking to follow a Diversity and Inclusion standard to improve our procedures and outcomes, as well as become accredited.

    Do any of you know of a renowned organisation that has a respected D&I…

  • Equality & Diversity Training videos

    Good morning all

    Does anyone know of any good websites that provide free training on equality and diversity?  Preferably in some sort of short video format?

    I found a reasonable video on acas but this was more geared towards HR professionals, and I need…

  • Breaking down barriers

    I am working in an environment where we have a large number of EU employees who don't interact with others from different parts of the EU and tend to stick together.  we also have a level of resistence and sometimes disregard to UK laws such as drinking…