• Diversity and Inclusion Calendar

    Hi all, 

    I am trying to push Diversity and Inclusion and was wondering if anyone had a template Diversity and Inclusion calendar I could look at to push this agenda?

    Looking at different important dates, holidays and even historical events to look at…

  • Effective leadership and neurodiversity study

    Hello everyone, I am working on an assignment for my CIPD as part of a research project, I am looking at effective leadership and management in regards to neurodiversity

    It would be great if you can pair five minutes of your time to answer 10 questions…

  • Diversity and inclusion competencies

    We have recently developed a set of inclusive workplace competencies for the Toronto Region Immigration Employment Council (TRIEC) in Canada. These are aimed at 4 groups of people and intended to include all dimensions of diversity (ethnic, gender, sexual…

  • Neurodiversity training policy


    Does anyone here have a training policy relating specifically to neurodivergent candidates that they would be happy to share?



  • Starting E&D/Wellbeing Staff Group at work

    Hi All, I would appreciate your advice on how to go about setting up a E&D/Wellbeing staff group at work - do's and don'ts. How to increase its chances to make a rel difference from the start? We are a 7 years' old HE institution with 110 staff (support…

  • Equality and Diversity monitoring form


    I will start this month to use for first time a Equality and Diversity monitoring form, and I am not sure how to give them to our workforce and how they have to give them back.

    can I do this by email or it has to be anonymous?

    any help is more than…