• Diversity and inclusion competencies

    We have recently developed a set of inclusive workplace competencies for the Toronto Region Immigration Employment Council (TRIEC) in Canada. These are aimed at 4 groups of people and intended to include all dimensions of diversity (ethnic, gender, sexual…

  • Re: In-house disability forum

    Hi Steve,

    Conscious this post is old, but I just spotted it in the list of topics on the diversity forum and wanted to get in touch because it is an area I'm very familiar.

    I was the deputy network lead for Accenture's disability resource group, Accent…

  • Transgender Policy

    Hi. Does anyone have a current Transgender Policy that they would be willing to share? Many thanks.   
  • Best Practise when monitoring diversity?

    Hi folks,
    The company I work for are looking to undergo a diversity monitoring exercise for a workforce of around 1000 - 2000 employees.
    We'd like some insight into how other companies conduct these types of exercises.
    Firstly, we have some questions around…
  • Re: Transgender Policy

    Thank you all for your response.  Having considered what you have said I agree with you and have decided not to have a separate policy. I have just joined my current organisation so I will issue an E&D policy instead. 

  • Incorrect Equal Opportunities Form?

    Hi there,

    Advice is much appreciated! 

    I work for a Breast Cancer charity, and have recently had a complaint from an applicant to a role with regards to the 'Equal Opportunities Form' attached to our application form.

     They have said that we have incorrectly…

  • Equality and Diversity Training

    Good Morning,

    I am looking for a DVD training resource to show to all staff  initally as part of their induction and then annually to highlight the importance of Equality and Diversity in the workplace.

    The only DVD I can find covers Sexual Orientation o…