• Disability inclusion and empowerment training

    Hello and wishing everyone a happy festive season!

    Can colleagues recommend any training courses they have attended or any consultancy firms they worked with to develop training around disability, disability stigma, equipping disabled staff with the confidence…

  • Diversity and Inclusion /LGBT

    Hi Everyone,

    Can anyone recommend any quality online training providers in the areas of Diversity and Inclusion and LGBT?  I am looking to roll out online training to over 200 staff at all levels of the organisation - any recommendations would be really…

  • Anti-racism 'training'

    I'm exploring how we can use learning and development to help embed our anti-racism strategy.  It's difficult to come up with an organisation-wide training session for something so complex and I am sensitive to the need to NOT treat this like it's…

  • EDI e-learning programmes

    Hi all,

    I'm reviewing our EDI e-learning provision. I was wondering if anyone has come across any really effective EDI e-learning provisions?

    By effective, I mean it addresses behaviour and culture as well as communicating Equality legislation.

  • Neurodiversity training policy


    Does anyone here have a training policy relating specifically to neurodivergent candidates that they would be happy to share?



  • Looking for a trainer in disabilities

    Hello, I'm looking for a trainer who can deliver a series of workshops on the topic of disability awareness in the workplace, for a client of mine. The client in question would like to develop a group of internal disability advocates to support fellow…