• Wellcome Trust requests for proposals: applying diversity and inclusion principles to our policy and advocacy work

    Hi all,

    Calling all learning and development / diversity, equity & inclusion experts...

    I am Will O'Leary from the policy and advocacy team at the Wellcome Trust and wanted to draw your attention to an opportunity to support our work to make sure…

  • Setting diversity targets

    I would welcome CIPD's views on setting realistic targets for diversity data declarations against the different protected characteristics please.

  • EDI e-learning programmes

    Hi all,

    I'm reviewing our EDI e-learning provision. I was wondering if anyone has come across any really effective EDI e-learning provisions?

    By effective, I mean it addresses behaviour and culture as well as communicating Equality legislation.

  • Recruiting and retaining diverse, young talent: a policy report by UpRising Leadership

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a programme manager at UpRising Leadership, a pioneering national charity championing the critical issues surrounding diversity, social mobility and equality. Over the past four years we have been delivering our employability programme…

  • ATS Diversity Monitoring


    I am currently looking for a system/software solution in order to incorporate monitoring at recruitment. The current ATS we have has the ability to monitor this however this is only available to US customers?

    Any advice on a solution or to hear…

  • Starting E&D/Wellbeing Staff Group at work

    Hi All, I would appreciate your advice on how to go about setting up a E&D/Wellbeing staff group at work - do's and don'ts. How to increase its chances to make a rel difference from the start? We are a 7 years' old HE institution with 110 staff (support…

  • What actually works in diversity initiatives?

    Most will agree that workforce diversity is morally important and many agree that it benefits the organisation. But what can employers do to increase diversity? Which interventions are the best bets and which don’t live up to their promise?


  • Best Practise when monitoring diversity?

    Hi folks,
    The company I work for are looking to undergo a diversity monitoring exercise for a workforce of around 1000 - 2000 employees.
    We'd like some insight into how other companies conduct these types of exercises.
    Firstly, we have some questions around…