• Diversity and Inclusion Calendar

    Hi all, 

    I am trying to push Diversity and Inclusion and was wondering if anyone had a template Diversity and Inclusion calendar I could look at to push this agenda?

    Looking at different important dates, holidays and even historical events to look at…

  • Wellcome Trust requests for proposals: applying diversity and inclusion principles to our policy and advocacy work

    Hi all,

    Calling all learning and development / diversity, equity & inclusion experts...

    I am Will O'Leary from the policy and advocacy team at the Wellcome Trust and wanted to draw your attention to an opportunity to support our work to make sure…

  • D&I Benchmarking survey

    Hi all

    I've taken on a D&I role at my Company and I'd like to start with a D&I survey to all employees. I think it would be a good idea to assess where we are starting before taking any action.

    Could anyone recommend a good D&I survey provider…

  • RE: Diversity & Inclusion Forums

    Canada tends to be very much ahead in Diversity and Inclusion. We recently developed a set of Inclusive Workplace Competencies for TRIEC (Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council) www.triec.ca/competencies which are freely available and you may find…

  • Diversity and Inclusion Standard Advice Needed!


    I work for a company of circa 2,000 employees, we are looking to follow a Diversity and Inclusion standard to improve our procedures and outcomes, as well as become accredited.

    Do any of you know of a renowned organisation that has a respected D&I…

  • RE: CIPD anti-racism support/materials to use at work - what do you need?

    Hi Caroline/CIPD community,

    I know that I do not work within the four walls of CIPD, but as an active member (and student), I am willing to also help be a change agent/BAME voice for this underlying issue, as I have allot of fresh insightful idea's that…
  • Supporting BAME employees during the current global events

    MODERATOR NOTE: I have merged two threads. The original title of this post was "Supporting BAME employees during the current global events".

    Hi There,

    I have been reading a piece of research that has found that the recent events in America are…

  • D&I in the Recruitment Process Help

    Hello everyone, 

    I hope you are all well and keeping safe at this time.  I work for a recruitment agency and part of my role is to ensure we champion D&I both internally and externally with our clients.  I am looking for some ideas around how we can…

  • Inclusive recruitment training materials


    Would anyone be able to share materials for a training session about inclusive recruitment? I've delivered unconscious bias training already and I would now like to follow up with inclusive recruitment for hiring managers. If you are happy to share…

  • Recruiting and retaining diverse, young talent: a policy report by UpRising Leadership

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a programme manager at UpRising Leadership, a pioneering national charity championing the critical issues surrounding diversity, social mobility and equality. Over the past four years we have been delivering our employability programme…

  • ATS Diversity Monitoring


    I am currently looking for a system/software solution in order to incorporate monitoring at recruitment. The current ATS we have has the ability to monitor this however this is only available to US customers?

    Any advice on a solution or to hear…

  • Diversity and inclusion competencies

    We have recently developed a set of inclusive workplace competencies for the Toronto Region Immigration Employment Council (TRIEC) in Canada. These are aimed at 4 groups of people and intended to include all dimensions of diversity (ethnic, gender, sexual…

  • Diversity & Inclusion Dissertation Project

    Good evening

    I am a level 7 HRM student just about to start my second year studies (studying part time alongside full time work).

    I've been giving some thought to what i'd like to study for my final dissertation and I am very keen to delve a little deeper…

  • Inclusive recruitment decision making

    We're moving to a new online recruitment system and would like to use it as an opportunity to review our recruitment processes. Diversity and inclusion is particularly important and I've been looking for examples of what other organisations do around…

  • RE: Equality and Diversity strategies for Resourcing

    Hi Conor while you're waiting for fellow community members to get involved in this discussion, here's a link to the latest CIPD resources in this area which may be of some help.


  • Neurodiversity training policy


    Does anyone here have a training policy relating specifically to neurodivergent candidates that they would be happy to share?



  • EIP: What works in D&I, week 4 - Person-Organisation 'fit' vs D&I + recap!

    You may have seen my post on what really works in promoting diversity and inclusion earlier in the month. Our Evidence into Practice diversity and inclusion research programme is now underway, so we wanted to share some of the discussion so far. In the…

  • Evidence into Practice: What Works in Diversity and Inclusion, Week 3 - Buy-in and commitment to D&I

    We move switfly into the third week of the CIPD’s Evidence into Practice research programme, exploring what actually works to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

    This week, we're looking at how to create buy-in and commitment to D&I…

  • Evidence into Practice - what works in diversity and inclusion, week 2

    Welcome to the second week of the CIPD’s Evidence into Practice research programme, in collaboration with Westminster Business School. We're exploring what actually works to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

    This week, we’re…

  • Welcome to our Evidence into Practice research programme: What actually works in D&I?

    Welcome to the CIPD’s Evidence into Practice research programme, launched in collaboration with Westminster Business School. We’re looking to fuse your expertise with research in order to come up with the best available evidence for what programmes…

  • Starting E&D/Wellbeing Staff Group at work

    Hi All, I would appreciate your advice on how to go about setting up a E&D/Wellbeing staff group at work - do's and don'ts. How to increase its chances to make a rel difference from the start? We are a 7 years' old HE institution with 110 staff (support…

  • What’s the evidence for D&I practices?

    We know that ensuring our workplaces are diverse and inclusive is simply the right thing to do. Moreover, supporting and valuing employees, regardless of their background, can only be good for business - not to mention employees!

    But we also know that…

  • What actually works in diversity initiatives?

    Most will agree that workforce diversity is morally important and many agree that it benefits the organisation. But what can employers do to increase diversity? Which interventions are the best bets and which don’t live up to their promise?


  • Re: Diversity and inclusion networking events London

    Hi Helene,

    Drop me a line, I can help.

    Kind regards,



  • Best Practise when monitoring diversity?

    Hi folks,
    The company I work for are looking to undergo a diversity monitoring exercise for a workforce of around 1000 - 2000 employees.
    We'd like some insight into how other companies conduct these types of exercises.
    Firstly, we have some questions around…