• Diversity and Inclusion Standard Advice Needed!


    I work for a company of circa 2,000 employees, we are looking to follow a Diversity and Inclusion standard to improve our procedures and outcomes, as well as become accredited.

    Do any of you know of a renowned organisation that has a respected D&I…

  • Freelancers- equality/ equal ops/ unconscious bias

    Hi there, 

    I'm just wondering if anyone has access to good policies/ guidelines on how to implement equal ops/ positive action and mitigate unconscious bias (under the Equality Act 2010), in relation to workers that fall outside of formal recruitment processes…

  • RE: CIPD anti-racism support/materials to use at work - what do you need?

    Hi Caroline/CIPD community,

    I know that I do not work within the four walls of CIPD, but as an active member (and student), I am willing to also help be a change agent/BAME voice for this underlying issue, as I have allot of fresh insightful idea's that…