Employee Assistance Programme

My organisation (a charity) is thinking of purchasing an EAP subscription and it would be interesting to hear colleagues' experience of using EAP. 

Many thanks

Rahel Geffen


  • They can be a relatively cheap and cheerful addition to a HR offer that allows signposting of vulnerable or confused employees to some limited professional help and guidance separate and distinct to the employer.

    Usage tends to be quite low (hence the low cost) but where people actually make contact then feedback tends to be reasonably positive.

    There are a number of levels of EAP some which include limited counselling (even some face to face) so be careful when you are comparing then that price isnt the only criteria.

    Very hard to work our a return on investment on this one.
  • Hi Rahel,

    I previously implemented an EAP in an Australian charity. I compared offerings across multiple providers and decided to go with Acacia based on their high quality services and competitive rates. Coincidentally, I met with my contact just this morning - she is in London and brining Acacia here! I genuinely had such a great experience so I am happy to endorse them. Speak with Jacky and let her know I suggested you to reach out. Her email address is jackyg@acaciaconnection.com.
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    Many thanks Nivek. We have gone with Health Assured who seem to be offering a substantial provision for a very reasonable price.

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    Hmm... not sure why/how you appeared as 'anonymous', Rahel. Apologies.
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    No problems