Apprenticeship Salary Benchmarking

Hi, is anyone will to share or point me in the direction where I can salary benchmarking data for apprentices from level 2 onwards.
  • Not sure if this is the sort of thing you’re looking for - government data docs on apprenticeship pay: www.gov.uk/.../apprenticeship-pay-survey-2018-to-2019
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    Hi Javinder

    No hard data I’m afraid, but from a lot of experience involved in all manner of apprenticeships I’d think that most apprentices except for a minority in very big, sophisticated, usually hi tec employers’ programmes get minimum wage. The exceptions tend to get minimum wage too at the beginning of their apprenticeships but may get a percentage of the full rate for the occupation they’re being trained for nearer the end of their training - typically in .years 3 and 4. Some even pay such as 90% of full rate in Year 4 but that’s fairly rare but good for local GT model car sales. At least it avoids them experiencing a really massive pay hike after finishing apprenticeships, which can believe it or not sometimes be a bit of a problem.

    But generally I think most employers take the view that apprentices cost them a lot of money to put through their training so are reluctant to pay them any more than age related minimum wage which covers most of them and adult minimimum wage where applicable
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