HR Management Software (Workforce by Tanda)

Hello community members,

Having used the search function and read quite a few posts asking for help regarding workforce management software, apologies if I tread on well worn territory, I will try and be as specific in my question as possible.

I work for a medium sized business, which currently has a payroll taken care of at our head office by two colleagues of mine. There is currently some thinking from one of my senior colleagues that we should be looking at using some software for managing some HR functions. Another colleague has, after many demos and phone calls, settled on 'Workforce' (by Tanda) as a possibility. We have a trial/demo version of Workforce set up and I've just had a quick look at it. On first inspection, an awful lot of it seems to be about attendance, rotas and pay, personally and from my perspective in the business I believe we have all of this pretty well covered; my questions are:

  • Since we already use Sage, is it likely that Sage can do most of what Workforce appears to do?
  • Do any community members have any experience - good or bad - with Workforce that you are willing to share

Thank you in advance if you can help with my questions.