Ceridian - any views?

Hey everyone,

I realise HRISs are a hot topic in the forums but I can't find any reference to one called Ceridian which is being looked at by our parent company.  Our part of the business works very differently to all the other areas and I'm keen to know whether it fits for us or whether I should consider going my own way. 

Does anyone have any experience of using it?  Would it work for a medium sized and rapidly growing business? 

All feedback would be much appreciated.

  • Hi Victoria,

    I have used Ceridian in the US, but not in the UK, so am not sure if they differ. I was not impressed as we had a different platform for each function. We used Ceridian Dayforce for timekeeping; Ceridian Self Service for employee information maintenance, workflow, and document keeping; and Ceridian HR/Payroll for report running and everything else in between. Oh, and there were also Ceridian IAM for additional report running and document archive. You had to log into each to do certain aspects of payroll. I like to simplicity of using one platform for all, especially if being provided by one company. This was provided to us by our parent company, so was not part of the set up, nor could I change, so perhaps they have a solution that isn't so cumbersome. I did find them to be a but outdated in what I expected from an HRIS. It would perhaps be worth doing a demo to see what they offer in the UK with these aspects in mind, then ask around for user experience based on what your impression of the demo is. Please feel free to contact me with any specific questions.