Graduate retention rates

I am completing my project for my End Point Assessment as the final step in my CIPD Level 5 HR Apprenticeship.  I have been hunting for benchmarking data around Graduate retention online with no success.

Does anybody have any hints, tips or suggested sites I could review please?  Thank you

  • Lauren, welcome to the forums. It's very unlikely that some organisation has gone to the trouble of cooecting and correlating this sort of data with a view to making it available for free. Is suspect organisations like PW, Mazaars, EY, Delloite etc. occasionally survey this subject so you could try them Alternatively maybe target 50 large UK employers and do a mini-survey yourself.
  • In reply to Ray:

    Hi Lauren

    Have you looked at former Association of Graduate Recruiters / present ISE?



    Graduate trainee retention rates many years ago used to be abysmal compared with regular staff. But different employment/economic climate and vast increase in supply since then.

    Nonetheless, would still think that those on general graduate traineeships etc probably job-hop a lot more than graduates recruited directly into specific job roles?