ER issue

Hello friends. I was working on an investigation report for bullying complaint made by to employees against each other. Before investigation one of them had resigned and last day would be 11th of august. Now I have the report but other employee is on her annual leave and she will come back on 12th august What can be done? Can we read the report separately to them? can we ask the leaving employee to extend to 2-3 days for mediation?
  • There is little point in asking one to extend by a few days.

    I would discuss with the departing employee and seek to conclude the process swiftly when the holidaying employee returns. Its not ideal but better than leaving it or letting it lapse. You may need to agree with the departing employee the ability to hold discussions with them after they have gone.

    Clearly if the report shows you need to take action against one/both you can only do so with the person who is still your employee.