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Hi, I am interested to know if any organisation is transforming the way HR works by going more digital and if so how.

We already have self service/HR admin support via a portal/ e payslips/online surveys and information on our intranet all bog standard in majority of companies now.

Just seeing if anyone was doing anything innovative they could share what this is and how its working?

  • Added this post nearly 9 months ago now, wondered if any company had started doing anything?
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    2 Jul, 2019 10:18

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    Hmm... like Helen... keen to hear what people might be doing[?]
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    For several years many larger companies have moved away from paper to operating HR portals for routine HR processes (leave request/authorisation, appraisal, training requests....).
    Some companies have gone largely paperless with their contractual documents, placing offer letters, promotion letters, salary increase letters in dedicated electronic safes that can be accessed/mantained by staff via internet. Most of y own documents have worked this way for 2-3 years, and I also have the possibility of stocking other personal documents (copy of passport, holiday reservations etc) in the same "electronic data-safe".
    When my daughter joined EY a few years ago their offer documents were placed in a secure e-portal, and the offer acceptance was 100% electronic
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    Thanks Ray we already do all of this

    Thinking about implementing a HR bot where you ask the bot a question and it answers AI technology

    Anyone done anything similiar?
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    Thinking of a piece of AI technology with a HR bot answering questions as an option

    Would like to see what other innovative ideas digital can bring to HR
  • Last July we implemented Successfactors as an interface with our SAP payroll system and are now looking at the Service Centre ticketing module to manage our contacts. This will be a huge improvement as we'll move away from an Outlook shared inbox!

    I think Service Centre includes some automated response functionality but we're still in the early stages and I'm waiting for a full demo to understand more.

    Here is their website, www.successfactors.com/.../employee-central-service-center.html
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    Thanks Stacey we have SF and ticketing system in place currently. Its taken some time for everyone to get used to but now part of the furniture and good for self service and tracking
  • A company I work with provides video on boarding to the employee before they arrive so they know their colleagues / workspace etc. An article I read recently was about using virtual reality to interview and assess candidates - www.theguardian.com/.../how-virtual-reality-altering-interviews-technology-graduates
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    I read an article a couple weeks ago about a HR bot that's been developed called HaRi-bot, may be of interest to you, i'm not sure if you are allowed to share articles on this forum: www.thecourier.co.uk/.../
  • Hi Helen
    I run a digitising HR consultancy - as a function, I;d say we are still a long way behind the rest of the world but we're slowly becoming more familiar with the understanding of digitising. Many HR teams are still getting to grips with basic software and good quality data but there are a few that are more forward thinking. We're currently in the process of setting up a payroll division to offer RPA led payroll to companies (half the price, processed by robots and employees can see payslips in real-time) and more and more are considering chatbots. Ubisend is another to look at. I've seen it work and it's fascinating but does need resource on the client side to set up and maintain. Lots of e-signature software projects happening too.