What are your Top Tips for managing Remote Workers

  1. When you set clear goals, have a robust decision making process, communicate effectively and give your people autonomy, we find remote teams are more productive than an office based team. About 13% more productive - that's nearly a day a week!
  2. Be mindful of how a person prefers to receive feedback: do they like the real-time video call, or would they prefer an email so they can sit and reflect on the feedback before responding?
  3. Some managers feel that workers must be present as proof of productivity. We find the opposite is true. Having the freedom to block out distractions and focus on work in a place that's quiet and undisturbed, leads to greater productivity
  4. With so many tools that enable people to work together today, there’s no reason why remote teams can’t be as effective as those in the same room. But it’s a real skill to manage a team that’s partially distributed across remote, hub and office.  Leaders need appropriate skills and technology
  5. We recommend a Smart Leadership programme supported by learning and development for the Smart Team development programme that aligns to a Smart Culture.

Work happens in Brains - not offices.

What tips do you have for managing remote workers?

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  • - Set deadlines a few days at least before actual deadline, then any issues there's time
    - No communication for 3 days means a problem is starting, a one line email helps
    - reliable, competent people are always like diamonds, keep hiring, start with small sample work so there's no unmet expectations on either side, when you find good people hang on to them as long as you can :)