Psychological Safety at Work

I read a really interesting blog today around the benefits of feeling 'psychologically safe' within a team/organisation.  The link is below for anyone interested.

I can't help but feel that the 'human touch' has been so far stripped out of many larger organisations, with focus being on the bottom line measured only by statistics, the much of the feelings around safety to speak up, explore, and experiment has been wiped out.

Whilst the workplace is beginning to show change, and world-leading organisations are setting better examples to the rest, it still feels like many businesses talk the talk without walking the walk behind the scenes.

I'd be interested to hear how other businesses have made the transition, or are working towards the steer back to psychological safety, if in fact they are!!

My own experience is that we can certainly include the benefits of these collaborative successes and behaviours in our management development programmes, but all too often the message from above doesn't allow for this to be embedded, and quite honestly, strips this back out of the individual with the strategic focus being contradictory to this very act.

Would love to hear any experiences either supporting or rejecting this approach.


  • Thanks for sharing this link, an interesting read. I work for a homeless charity and we're introducing a psychologically informed way of working with our clients (PIE for short!). Some of the core principles are around relationships with others and having the space to reflect and learn as being key to enabling change. We're thinking about how we translate that into staff management and the idea of a psychologically safe way of working would really fit with that.