Nominations in event of employee deaths

I work in healthcare. There have been a number of deaths worldwide of healthcare workers. There is nothing worse than going out to meet a family where the employee has left outdated or no nominations for death benefits. It’s x 4 salary so significant amounts. Any advice on how to tactfully communicate with c5000 staff to update their details without causing upset/alarm?
  • Hazel

    I think most adults will know what you want and why you want the information without being upset. After all if they have nominated some one already, then it was done knowing that the action was done in anticipation of death. So I'd just ask them nicely and clearly to update their nominations if required - "Just in case".
  • In reply to David Perry:

    In addition to David’s advice, I suggest putting in place a procedure of systematically chasing people once a year for this info.....
  • Do you have any 'blogs' in any of your staff communications? If so, it could be that the person doing the blog mentions that the current situation made them realise that they hadn't updated their nomination recently, so they have done it and recommend colleagues do the same?