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Hello, I hope this finds you safe and well. I'm working on a Future Workplace model (job location, job types and contractual terms and conditions, definiton of workplace, recruitment strategy etc.) to feed into the Future Operating Model Design we are developing. Has anyone got any pointers/templates/insights to share on the subject of Future Workplace model? Thank you, Birgit Lenton
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    13 Nov, 2020 11:14

    Hi Birgit... and welcome to the Community.

    This is a couple of years old - and obviously the landscape has changed now with COVID, which has accelerated many things that had already been in flow.

    I'll see what I can fish out... while we wait for colleagues to (hopefully) chip in with their thoughts below.
  • We are currently going through a similar process and have set up a working group with a few members of stafg to determine and discuss ways forward. They are taking into account considerations for moving to full time home working, mainly homeworking (more than 50% of contacted hours) or optional, occasional home working. This will then determine the potential office space required when we are allowed back to the office so that we can look for new space if necessary. This is all being done in line with an organisational review of structure and job roles so contracts will be updated with all changes
  • Thank you, will take a look. Have a good weekend. Birgit
  • Thank you. Have a good weekend. Birgit
  • Hi all,

    Like most organisations we are currently looking at what the workplace arrangements will be going forward in terms of working from home and attracting candidates to join the organisation.

    Has anyone already successfully implemented changes and what do these look like, if you can share?

    Thank you,

    David Allan

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    17 Nov, 2020 15:47

    In reply to David Allan:

    Hi David... I hope you don't mind, but I've 'merged' your thread with Birgit's. I think they cover similar (important) ground.
  • Hi both. If you want to explore more on Org Design, I've found the ODNE a useful site for information https://www.odnetwork.org/ and the NHS has a lot of useful and free resources on OD including an OD toolkit. This might be more a mix of Org Development as well as Org design but it is worth searching for.

    The UK government also has some interesting org design materials on it too.

    Finally, I have found the book Designing Dynamic Organisations J. Galbraith, D.Downey and A Kates worth a look.

    Hope those help and looking forward to hearing what people share on this as I am always keen to learn more in this area.
  • I saw this article Bridget and found it interesting to share:
  • Hi, I am also working on something very similar!

    My question is pretty specific: for those who are home based or flexibly located, how are you sourcing kit? We're looking at two options, with the proviso that we will always source and provide laptops, key boards, headsets, a mouse and a screen.

    Option 1 - an allowance to cover chair, sit/stand options, desk etc, self sourced, with specifications required to ensure we discharge our H&S obligations

    Option 2 - pick list from items, sourced and selected by our Facilities/Procurement teams.

    Any experience of this - or other options I may not have thought of?

    Many thanks!