Employee engagement whilst working from home

I just wondered what things people are doing to increase engagement whilst people are working remotely. Are you planning anything in particular for Christmas that’s virtual?
  • Hi Rebecca,

    We have a weekly HR team call on a Thursday where the topic changes each week - it's always something fun like 'most famous person you've met' or 'what would be your dream dinner party' - we stick up a whiteboard and have some good conversation. It has really helped to keep everyone connected.

    In terms of virtual Christmas, we are probably looking to do this but want to try to steer away from the dreaded 'forced fun'.


  • Hi Rebecca, I'm looking for some ideas too. we have an EE team at work and we are going to have a chat thursday so will share what we agree... here are some thoughts so far: Crafternoon (Mind website has some great ideas) christmas jumper day - we always celebrate this so thought we would do it virtually. everyone takes an "elfie' and we can put on our hub, have a vote on worst jumper. sharing christmas traditions in a virtual chat... see if anyone having an alternative christmas this year. share photos of our own decs at home best decorated home office competition christmas quiz virtual Christmas party to include invites, dress code, chubby elf contest, guess the wrapped gift, 2 truths and 1 lie game. thinking we could send everyone a party hat/popper/blower. was trying to think if theres a safe way to do secret santa finally hoping to send everyone an advent calendar in the post!! hope that helps a little!
  • Hi Rebecca

    Since your original post, we're obviously back in lockdown, which adds another dimension. I've written a short guide to having a conversation with your team about goals, routines, interaction and support that might be of interest: