Hi all, can anyone advise of any benchmarking resources or websites they use. Ideally free, this is the first time in 3 year’s I have had to do this, so not worth signing up to one. Many thanks
  • What is it that you're looking to benchmark?
  • We wish to look at salaries to see if we are at the lower mid or upper range (I suspect it’s the lower). It’s hard to find a comparison due to the nature of our work. We are a animation company specialising in whiteboard animation/visual thinking. We have a project manager who has asked us to look at her salary.
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    One thing I've done in the past is to approach friendly recruitment agencies specialising in your areas of work and asking them how much it would cost to replace the person in question/what are your competitors offering?
  • Assuming the employee is asking for an increase, I would also consider asking the employee themselves to provide the business case/justification for the upward review (if they haven’t already done so). They may have relevant comparable roles/salaries they can point to, or industry contacts that can provide useful data. If we are asked by an employee for an upward review, that is the route we would take, as well as doing our own (relatively informal!) benchmarking.
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    Hi Julie

    This is the closest match I can think of to your role:
    This agency is part of a bigger group, Angela Mortimer Plc, who publish an annual salary survey that covers all the different brands in their group. It's called the Blue Book. They will probably let you have a copy in return for sharing your salary and job data and views on the job market confidentially as part of their research for next year.
  • Thank you all, really useful tips which I will move forward with
  • Hi Julie,

    There's a website called Payscale which is quite useful and Glassdoor often has salary information too. Agree with others that nice recruitment agencies might be really helpful too. I don't know if Creativepool might have something similar?
  • Thank you Alys