Timetables and returning to work after maternity


I'm in the process of helping my sister in law with her flexible working application as the union person she spoke to haven't really been much help but the only bit I'm not sure on is if she is able to request to go back onto her own timetable? 

The school are wanting to keep her maternity cover on until next year but her concern is that she will be pushed into a subject she has little knowledge of as a result and she wan't to request to go back into her own department on her 'normal' timetable but with her not having a copy of her contract to check and not being aware of the rules around teachers I'm not sure if she is able to do that. 

  • Hi Annette

    Your sister in law can request a trial period. However, unless this is agreed by both parties the change will be permanent and she will have to wait 12 months and submit another FW request to revert to her current timetable, and her request will go through the same process of consideration as this request.
  • Hi Annette

    One can argue that if she's employed to teach variable timetables as circumstances demand, then this isn't any different

    However, keeping o her maternity cover and because of that denying her return to her former role sounds to me like putting her to a detriment because she's been on maternity leave - the former role is still very much there, after all - just that they're choosing not to let her go back to it as a direct result of her maternity - 'definitely not on! ' I'd say
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    - sorry, I missed noticing the 'flexible working' aspect - but generally the school would be well-advised to allow it otherwise risk challenge - assuming they could feasibly arrange it.
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    I've just heard back from her and given the conversation with her manager she is not going to go ahead with the flexible working (them not getting that it's a permanent change as saying they couldn't guarantee what she would be doing on 2018/2019 timetable in terms of working hours was a big red flag for her) so she's advised them she will be returning full time and to her timetable, we'll see what happens....
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    Yikes! I completely missed that, David.