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Hi, I am looking for some guidance or literature to read in relation to HR in a school environment. I have worked in the corporate world of HR for many years,  but after a career break retrained to work in careers. I have been asked if I could support the Head in relation to HR matters. I am aware that schools are quite different to the previous environments I have worked in. If anyone has tips, literature or resources they would be able to suggest, they would be gratefully received. Many thanks.

  • Happy to meet and chat if you're anywhere near London? I've been in a school environment for the last year, and it's certainly different - even though I was in higher education before that so you wouldn't have thought it would be that much of a change. Otherwise this forum board (and the whole community) is very useful, and I also use ISBA.
  • I worked in education for a few years having come from a manufacturing environment. I suggest that you read and inwardly digest the Teachers Pay and Conditions 'book' - I soon found out that the Teachers and their union reps know every word!! Warning - it's 83 pages long. Link here : assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/.../School_teachers__pay_and_conditions_document_2018.pdf
  • Hi Catherine

    In addition to the "normal" HR practices, I would start reading guidance around safeguarding e.g. regulated activity, keeping children safe in education, as this states how we need to recruit, what documents we need to hold and maintain, as well as giving you a good understanding of school level policies.

    As Judy has said, the Burgundy Book is one to really get your head around as Teachers have some pretty unique terms. The Green Book too if your support staff are under these T&Cs.

    The forum has been fantastic as a sense check for me and finding out what others are doing in a similar position.
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    Thank you so much for the offer - I am in South West London.
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    Great help - thank you
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    Thanks so much - really helpful!
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    As am I - please do get in touch (nina.waters@emanuel.org.uk)
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    Nina/Catherine - I'm in West London and have been trying to network locally without much success. I would be more than willing to travel to your neck of the woods if you'll have me - please do drop me a line for a coffee (or cuppa in my case) krichards@theparkfederation.org
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    Sounds good - Catherine, if you're able to respond to Kimberly and I together via email, we could set up a date for a coffee/cuppa and a chat.
  • HI Catherine!

    How ironic! I am headed the other direction. I have just left Secondary Education (I was a Middle Manager and full time teacher KS3,KS4 & KS5) and I am wanting to go into L&D in industry! I just started that journey!

    Have you had a look at the TES? It is "the" website for Teachers in Secondary. The Fora are very active and there are loads of resources. https://www.tes.com
    This may be obvious, but Government and new policies are massive factor in the field of Education. www.gov.uk/.../department-for-education Loads here.

    I am more than happy to share any ideas or answer questions that may be of use or a lead for you. Just drop me a line whenever you wish.

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    Hey guys! I am in West London! Can I join? LSSARPI@HOTMAIL.COM Sara
  • I have been in Education for 7 months now after years working offshore. The one aspect I found extremely helpful is the online EduCare courses that the school has access to. There are a variety of courses and I suggest do them all.
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    Hi. Welcome to the world of education! I worked in the commercial world but have been in education for the past 10 years and I love it. I started up a schools HR network about 4 years ago which started very small but has grown to over 20 members. We meet half termly to share learnings, ask for support and be a team. It can feel quite isolated if you're based in a school or you are a standalone position in a MAT. It would be worth contacting other HR people in MAT's and try and start one up. Happy to share our agenda and remit if that helps. All the best and enjoy!
  • The Key is great, lots of template policies and procedures and great for updates.
  • Hi, what others have said about reading up on Teachers Pay and Conditions and also the Green Book which relates to Support Staff (whose terms and conditions can often confuse many people new to education or who are teachers!). Definitely safeguarding is key the Keeping Children Safe in Education guidelines would help and safer recruitment in schools is useful. I've been in secondary schools for 14 years and spent the last 7 years focussing on HR so happy to chat over email at any time!