Disqualification by Association

I was wondering if anyone could tell me how they informed the staff of the changes of Disqualification by Association and what people have put in their self-declaration form instead?

We run a holiday day camps where children are from reception age and we are a school from 3-19. I have read up on the subject but I am finding the advice a bit conflicted as to whether the DBS on it's own is appropriate enough.

We have been in the process of getting a self-declaration form approved but this was done a while ago and wasn't taking into account the changes of Disqualification. Also, are there any schools out there that just do yearly self-declaration forms rather than renewing DBS every 3 years? If so what are we allowed/not allowed to ask anymore?!

  • Hi Jenny

    At point of onboarding, we do a full enhanced DBS & ask colleagues to complete a declaration form for themselves. For those who worked here before the change in legislation and did complete a Disqualification Form by Association, we kept the paper copy on file but archived the SCR.

    We don't renew the DBS', but for staff who work on a supply/casual basis, we ask to see them every 3 months as this is the minimum prison term(!).

    This all complies with KCSIE 2018 & GDPR.

    Happy to share email addresses to further discuss/share best practice.


  • Steve Bridger

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    19 Dec, 2018 14:44

    The controversial rules for schools were scrapped in September, weren't they?

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    That's right, long overdue!
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    Hi Ella, when you say you ask to see them every 3 months, would the casual/supply worker be expected to renew their DBS every 3-months?? Apologies but this confused me. We employ casual workers and when they start at our school we apply for an enhanced DBS but wouldn't usually renew for 3-years, the same as all our permanent staff.
    Appreciate your advice.
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    Sorry Sharon, we don't renew the checks for any staff. We ask supply/self employed workers to call/pop in every 3 months as this is the shortest prison term you can receive x
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    You can be in prison for a lot less than 3 months.