Recording DBS number on name badge

Can anyone see any issues if we were to print our DBS numbers and dates on employee name badges. There is a lot of movement around schools and this will make it easier for the receiving school to record the relevant DBS number on their SCR.  There may be obvious reasons why this shouldn't be done and I would appreciate some advice.  Thank you

  • Hi Sharon

    "Make a note of your unique ID

    When you join the Update Service, you need to make a note of your unique subscription ID number and keep it secure. This ID begins with the letter C and is followed with 10 randomly selected numbers. You shouldn’t share this subscription ID number with anyone else, because you will use it to access your Update Service account online.

    Anybody who has access to this number will be able to view the status of your certificates and may amend your contact details without your knowledge or permission."

    Is that the number you plan to put on name badges?

  • In reply to Elizabeth:

    Thanks Elizabeth, yes this is the number which we have been asked to explore the possibility of recording on ID badges. Thank you for providing this information.
  • In reply to Sharon :

    For the reasons Elizabeth states this is a bad idea. It places administrative convenience over data protection and the personal data security of your employees.
  • Hi Sharon
    Is this DBS numbers for current staff or visiting colleagues?
    We record all DBS info on our SCR
    Thank you
  • In reply to Elizabeth:

    Our DBS number are recorded on all our staff badges
  • In reply to Joanne A:

    You are lucky you haven't been reported to the ICO. You need to collect those badges asap.
  • In reply to Elizabeth:

    As far as Im aware they have been on for a while (prior to me starting last year as HR Adviser) Ill look into it further. Thanks for the advice
  • In reply to Elizabeth:

    Elizabeth, On a similar note Ive been asked by another school for DBS numbers for our staff as we have pupils from their school put in our isolation room. They want to know the numbers for staff who man the room for their SCR. Ive not been asked this before and dont think I should. What are your thoughts?
  • In reply to Joanne A:

    If I may add answer to any from Elizabeth, Joanne, absolutely sure you should refuse to divulge the numbers: doing so (other than confirming there’s a satisfactory check current) amounts to disclosing sensitive personal data without legitimate cause (the SCR itself  does not need a number) and is outlawed by Data Protection legislation. Same applies to anyone from another employer etc - typically contractors.

  • In reply to David:

    Thank you David, thats what I thought. Appreciate your response.
  • In reply to Joanne A:

    Hi Joanne

    We request Schools to email to confirm their staff have had the checks and they have no concerns.

    The only time we might consider asking is if this external person is at our School in regulated activity and unsupervised.
  • In reply to Ella:

    Surely if the members of staff are at your school (not theirs), they shouldn't be recorded on their SCR at all?