Health Cash Plans

Good morning,

I'm reviewing our healthcare provision - currently an Absence Insurance policy which includes an Employee Assistance helpline, counselling support and physio, and only occasionally seems to pay out when we have absentees.

What we are now looking at is whether something like a healthcare cash plan would be more beneficial to our staff.

We have 150 employees, teaching and non teaching.

I have contacted a number of providers for quotes which vary greatly both in terms of the cost per head and the type of cover that's provided.

I would be very interested in finding out what type of plan you provide for employees and how this has been received?

Many thanks in advance!

  • We have 250 employees and introduced a health care cash plan as part of our benefits programme this year. unfortunately we had very low up take (likely due to a lack of promotion from our side) so we are pushing this a little more with our new joiners who can select this as part of their onboarding. We've seen a few more people selecting this and will be interesting to see how many choose this during our next annual enrolment.

    We introduced the same thing in another company I was at and it was very well received, with the biggest selling point being that it covered PMI excess

    Our current provider is Simplyhealth and they provide a number of different levels of cover
  • Hi Donna

    We use Healthshield - and we pay for all our employees to have membership at the basic level. They can then top up and add on family members at their own cost. I think it is about six pounds a head a month for us to supply. In terms of take up - it varies across the company. Claiming back was a barrier when they had to fill in a form and send off receipts but since it has all gone online then it has improved


  • We set up a SimplyHealth scheme in September, paying the 'level 1' cost for all staff who opt in and the take up has been very good - I'd been aiming for 50% and I think it's actually quite a bit higher (we are a school with a similar headcount to you). The scheme is a cash-plan, and covers telephone and in-person counselling as well as the other more standard items. It's been very well received.

    I went directly to SimplyHealth and then also appointed a consultancy to review the market for me, figuring they'd get a better price. It turned out that wasn't the case, and the costs I was getting directly seemed to be less.